The Effect of Hyphaene Thebaic and Nelumbo Nucifera Ethanolic Extract on the Hyperlipimic and Hypertension Markers in Male Wistar Albino Rats


  • Mohammed A. Adris
  • Marwa F. Elmahdy
  • Akram M. Altaher الكلية الجامعية للعلوم والتكنولوجيا - خان يونس


Dyslipidemia is a disorder marked by abnormal levels in any or all of the blood's lipids (e.g. triglycerides and cholesterol) or lipoproteins profile (e.g. LDL and HDL). Elevated LDL is risky and the best indicator of atherosclerosis risk. Low levels of HDL raise the risk of hypertension. Medicinal plants are thought to be a major source of novel chemical compounds with therapeutic promise. In oriental medicine, Hyphaene Thebaica (Doum) and Nillumbik Nucifera  (Lotus) extract contains important active compounds, such as phenolic and flavonoids that work as an antioxidant, antihypertensive, hypolipidemic, antidiabetic, and antimicrobial agents. however, This study aimed to find out the effects of doum and lotus methanolic extracts on hyperlipidemic markers like lipid profile as well as hypertension parameters like; aldosterone and, angiotensin-converting enzyme and aldosterone. Methods: This experimental study was carried out in the Research Center of Experimental Animal  Faculty of Veterinary Medicine, Banha University, in the period from March to May 2021. Forty male Wistar albino rats were categorized into four groups. The first one was the control group, whereas the hyperlipidemic and hypertensive rats were included in the last three groups. Feeding hyperlipidemic and hypertensive rats with extract of doum in the third group and lotus extract in the fourth group. Blood samples were collected from the orbital plexus and intra-cardiac of the rats. Blood glucose test and Lipid profiles test including TC,  TGs, LDL, and HDL was determined in all groups. Also, hypertensive parameters, including aldosterone hormone and angiotensin-converting enzyme were measured. The data was analyzed using SPSS program version 23. Results: The findings reported that the effect of both extracts on lipid profile parameters, Aginotensin converting enzyme, and aldosterone were parallel in significantly lowering them (P<0.05).  Doum had a strong effect on body weight but lotus had a strong effect on fasting blood glucose levels. Conclusion: Doum and Lotus methanolic extracts contain flavonoids and phenols which cause a lowering in lipid and lipoprotein profiles, angiotensin-converting enzyme, aldosterone, and body weight.